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  • Roger Eno and Brian Eno invite you to collaborate on their audio-visual project Mixing Colours.


We were overwhelmed by both the quality and quantity of films we received. There's so much creativity and originality!  One of the pleasures of looking at these pieces of work is noticing how each film draws out something different from the music it accompanies. 

There's a party game called 'Chinese Whispers' which consists of one person very quietly whispering a given phrase into the ear of his/her neighbour. The neighbour then whispers what they thought they heard to the next in line - and so on, until the end of the game when the original phrase is said out loud to all.

The end result almost invariably bears only the vaguest resemblance to the original - almost all are new inventions, or additions, by the listeners. As we looked at these films we were struck by the similarity between that child's game and this project.

We couldn't have imagined the avenues which contributors took - our 'original phrase' has become beautifully varied by the impressions of those that listened.

Trying to choose the best of the many films we received - which was our original plan - has proven difficult. There's so much great stuff, and to pick out just a few means excluding a lot of really strong material that deserves to be seen. 

We don't want to do that, so we came up with another proposal - to make a gallery which will be up for at least a year and hopefully quite a bit longer, so there'll be plenty of time to explore it! It will take a while to go through the many films and decide on our approach so please check back on July 1 to hear more.  

One of the qualities of art is that it allows a diving board upon which to jump into ones own interior. It is a means of communication that encourages the whispers of personal interpretation. We hope you enjoy diving into these fascinating whispers.

Thanks again to everybody who took part in this. We are flattered and grateful.

Roger & Brian Eno
Submissions have ended. Deadline was: 29.05.2020 - 23:59 CET/CEST.
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