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  • Roger Eno and Brian Eno invite you to collaborate on their audio-visual project Mixing Colours.


We were overwhelmed - both figuratively and actually - by the responses to our call for films. The quality was so high! And the number so large! It is really heartening to know that people are looking at the world around them in a curious and creative way.

But it left us with a difficult and unenviable decision: how to choose which song should finally represent which piece of music? There were too many strong contenders to come up with a simple, single answer. 

We’ve chosen about 200 films that we really liked and will be assigning each of them to one of the pieces on the album and new EP (many of them had been pre-assigned by their makers).

This still leaves us with the question about which film accompanies which piece of music for public channels like Youtube - where we have to make a single decision.

So we thought: why not invite all those people whose films we have chosen in our favourite 200 to vote on the other films in the selection? Anybody voting automatically gets a vote registered for their own film, and then they can make 20 other choices. So basically we’re asking you to choose your 20 favourite films from the 200 on offer. Roger and I will also have votes. 

Roger & Brian Eno

All participants whose films are selected for the shortlist will be contacted by Deutsche Grammophon to collect their votes.
Submissions have ended. Deadline was: 29.05.2020 - 23:59 CET/CEST.
Terms of participation


Roger and Brian Eno’s acclaimed creative collaboration continues with seven additional tracks. 

A new 12" EP - Luminous - will be released in August.


Roger Eno & Brian Eno - "Manganese"